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Brand Equity in an Omni-channel World

Multi-channel marketing is a tactical approach which has evolved from offline channels like direct mail and telemarketing to include a vast number of online channels including owned, paid and earned tactics. Marketers have been tying together branding across channels for a long time by integrating brand elements, messaging and call-to-actions.
The prevalence and adoption of mobile, and the "technology always" millennial generation are game changers to branding. Multi-channel marketing efforts have moved from picking a segment, a message and channel(s), to continuous marketing pushed across omni-channel platforms. See my article How to Match Digital Experience Tactics to User Scenarios.
Brand equity provides the foundation for economic transactions….. “who are you doing busy with?” Vision, goals, strategies and tactics for attracting and retaining customers are tied to the brand equity framework.
Traditionally, the ability to attract new customers is largely perceptual. Becau…

Why the Business Side of Digital Should Embrace DevOps

I have seen business eyes glaze over when the details of development like waterfall and agile are discussed. But with digital transformation, now is the time for businesses to be wide-eyed and conversant in DevOps, an outgrowth of agile. The simple truth is that businesses need DevOps if they want to be at the mature level in their digital transformation.
Digital transformation is centered around applying technologies, enhanced processes and new people skills so businesses can accelerate revenue growth and bring in more profitable revenue. This means being agile not only on the technology side but on the customer side too.
Specifically what I mean is that user experiences are in fact agile. Today, marketing groups its users into segments which are slivers of time. Not very agile. What they should be doing is developing experiences similar to creating scenes of a movie. Check out my article "How to Match Digital Experience Tactics to User Scenarios."Waterfall and Agile developm…